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Protein Buzz Omega 3

Takes care of the health of the heart!

  • Fortified with extra Vitamin E (2 mg)!
  • 400 mg of EPA
  • 300 mg of DHA

Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA and ALA) are essential for the health of heart because they have cardiovascular benefits.

DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision and brain function. Purified, cholesterol-free fish oil provides dietary support along with DHA and EPA. Each capsule contains fish oil providing EPA to your body, which is important for the circulatory system and DHA, which is vital for a healthy heart. Fish oil is also a source of ALA, which maintains normal blood cholesterol levels.

The positive effects can be achieved with just a daily intake of 250 mg DHA and EPA.

Directions for use

Take 2 capsules a day with meals.

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 2 capsules
Number of servings: 60/150

  Amount/serving DV %

Fishoil 1000 mg
of which
EPA 400 mg
DHA 300 mg
Vitamin E 2 mg

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